Gratitude, as they say, is the memory of the heart. I therefore would like to register my heartfelt appreciation to all those who have had a part in making Ayodhya Links a reality and into what it is today; the co-Founders, my mentors, golf pros from around the world, course architects, construction superintendent, club members and their families. They have taught me the value of loyalty, perseverance, and camaraderie.

          With Ayodhya Links I have had the opportunity to complete a circle, to fulfill a dream, to put down roots with the loving care of my wife and children, and to reach for the standards of excellence expected by my friends and collaborators. For all of this, I am deeply humbled and honoured.

          I have been lucky enough to have had the privilege of playing on some of the world’s great golf courses, such as Pine Valley, Cypress Point, Augusta, and St. Andrews. I admired the inspiration, dedication and passion that went into the building of those great courses. Some had tragic life stories associated with them. It can only be hoped that one day Ayodhya Links will be known and remembered for the same kind of dedication, passion and love of the game that were put into this course by the co-Founders of Ayodhya Links.

          The flight of a golf ball, as it soars over each fairway of Ayodhya Links, will cut a path over streams, bunkers and undulating greens that form the obstacles of the course — reflecting the ups and downs of life. Along each fairway towards the finish line at the Clubhouse, there is harmony between human endeavour and the timeless beauty of nature. Flora and fauna native to Thailand have been revived and preserved. A marshland prone to floods, without a single tree, has been transformed into a sanctuary for countless species of birds and fish, an organic landscape with over 10,000 trees, some of which have been donated and planted by ambassadors and representatives from many countries.

          I am especially pleased that Ayodhya Links has joined the internationally recognized Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf which helps golf courses protect the environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game. No pesticides are used on the course; fertilizers are mainly organic, as are the food products in the Clubhouse which are sourced from local and our own organic farms.

          The course was not built primarily with financial gains. As players enjoy the course, the most rewarding feeling for the co-Founders would be that of having been able to provide an environment of tranquility, serenity and a high standard that allows the game of golf, as it can, to shape character and instill integrity, especially in the generations that will be succeeding us. In helping to bring about a green golf course that can be considered as forming a link in the cycle of life, I hope I have been able to make a small contribution. I hope the players who complete the course come away feeling that in overcoming obstacles, in overcoming oneself, and in enjoying the natural wonders of nature they have somehow completed a small life journey, becoming more able to reap the rewards of a round well played, and of a life well lived.

          I trust that Ayodhya Links will provide a worthwhile experience for all those who come to play on its fairways. I wish to thank friends and comrades who helped and inspired me in the construction of the course, and who walked with me along the journey.