Dear Friends of this Great game,

On behalf of everyone at Ayodhya Links it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to our Club.

A masterpiece is an inspiration brought to life that is considered extraordinary. In every sense of the word, Ayodhya Links is a masterpiece.

Masterpieces begin with visions from their creator. The vision of the Board of Directors was to create a Championship golf course within a world of gracious private club. It is one of the most exclusive and prestigious golf course in Asia, through maintaining and providing immaculate grass and design conditions and exceptional services that would rival other existing golf courses within the world.

The Club is a home away from home. a place unlike any other. Ayodhya Links is a place of privacy, exclusivity and excellence for golf, and for living, Ayodhya will bring together, in a comfortable and refined private club atmosphere, a select group of members who find common bond in their love of golf and appreciation for a place of beauty.

The land is flawlessly sculpted into a Championship golf course with naturally rolling fairways, elevation changes, charming streams and sparkling lakes which uniquely come into play on every hole, all make for breathtaking views. The 79 dramatically shaped bunkers and undulating greens will challenge the player's vision and precision for each and every shot.

So, once again, welcome to Ayodhya Links. Thank you for sharing your passion of the game with us.


Pitak Intrawityanunt


Ayodhya Links